A Pumpkin Kegerator That Looks Just Like the Big Green Egg

For the 2019 Pumpkin Carving contest here at Riverworks, Brian and Meredith—graphic designer and account manager respectively—teamed up to create a grill-like pumpkin-carving masterpiece. It’s got two taps, a working temperature gauge, and it hinges open to fill and refill with ice and your favorite autumn beers. We loaded it up with a local IPA on one tap, and a brown ale on the other.

— The Making of the Big Green Keg —

Carve it Up

First we sliced the pumpkin in half laterally, and hinged it. We used bolts and washers with a standard door hinge from the hardware store. Large washers help the screws from slipping. Then we cut two holes for the two taps we planned to install, and added a handle to the front. To top it off, we lined the opening with strips of green paper, placed a meat thermometer through the front, and added a Big Green Egg chimney over the top.

Chill It and Enjoy!

Next, we inserted refillable drink bags with spouts, placing the spouts through the holes in the front of the pumpkin. Pour in your favorite beer, add ice, and serve!

For bonus points, toss a few battery-operated candles inside so the ice looks like coals in the grill!

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By Brian and Meredith

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