Case Study: Flexabed


Flexabed opened for business in 1969 and has become a force in the flexible bedding industry. As they grew, and their existing client base aged, they needed to reposition themselves to reach GenX-ers and Millennials who are increasingly making bedding decisions for themselves and their families.


Flexabed primarily sold bedding for senior care or hospital environments, and it’s served the company well, to be sure. As they continued moving forward it became apparent their demographic was aging and the company would need to dip into a younger market interested in luxury adjustable beds.


Beginning with a new logo, and extrapolating that fresh, current style into a variety of media including a website and a series of print advertisements, Riverworks Marketing offered Flexabed the new look they needed to broaden their reach. The new Flexabed is bright, clean, and friendly, with a focus on middle-aged buyers in the luxury market. Deliverables provided included a new website, product catalog, a print and digital ad campaign, and recurring eNewsletters.


With the launch of this new site, Flexabed enjoyed a 600% increase in traffic over the previous 3 months of their old website. Engagements from social also contributed to one third of site visitors, meaning their social posts and advertisements contributed to successful leads.

Print Catalog

Updating the product catalog to reflect the new brand was an essential step in continuing the continuity of Flexabed’s new visual voice. Here, an elegantly-styled, well-organized 12-page booklet guides customers to select the adjustable bed that’s right for thems. The catalog focuses on presenting the bed as a luxury item for middle-aged buyers, with special attention paid to be inclusive to those purchasing for a loved one.

Print Ad Campaign


Social Campaign

Dream rest campaign promoting luxury bedding for folks who want to rest well.

Outdoor Advertising

Social campaign was adapted for large-scale print use.