When it comes to choosing the best way to advertise to potential clients, marketers are often left with a bit of a problem. Over the past five years, the way the average consumer takes in online content has changed dramatically. With the introduction of faster cellular networks and the blanket of wi-fi access points that are now available, most people are able to have consistently fast data speeds no matter where they are. For this reason, video has become one of the most common ways businesses choose to deliver marketing messages and content to potential customers. Here at Riverworks Marketing, we have assisted numerous clients with video campaigns, both on-site and social media-based, in order to deliver messaging better to their intended audience. Here are some of the key advantages that video advertising offers over static advertising methods.

People are Watching More Videos

As we briefly touched on, more people are watching videos all the time. Whether someone is looking to get a quick view at the latest news for the day, looking up a video on how to complete a task that they are unfamiliar with, or simply wanting to kill time by watching funny videos on Youtube, video has become a dominant player in the digital space. While common sense tells us that more people are watching videos online, we also have some data to back up this claim. According to a study by Hubspot, 87% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool, up from 81% in 2018 and 63% in 2017. Why are we seeing such an astounding increase in the number of videos being produced by businesses? Because the market demands it. When asked, over two-thirds (68%) of the respondents said that they would rather learn about a new product through a short video. This is way ahead of text-based articles on a product (15%) and shows a clear preference for videos.

People are More Likely to Share a Video

Facebook has taught us many things over the years but one of the main takeaways the social media giant has provided for businesses is the fact that people really like to share videos. When a person views a video and finds it interesting or thinks the content pertains to their social circle, they are likely to share it with their followers and friends on social media. Twitter users alone share over 700 videos a minute, meaning that a single well made video has the potential to reach thousands of people if it is shared just a few times. The ease of being able to share a video on social media, coupled with the fact that most videos made for social media are short and to the point, gives consumers and easily digestible message that can be consumed in a much shorter timespan than a traditional text-based article, infographic, or datasheet.

Mobile Internet is Perfect for Video

As most people already know, mobile web browsing is continuing to assert itself as the preferred method of internet access for the average person. As of January 2018, there were 3.7 billion mobile internet users and by 2019 it is expected that 63% of all mobile phone users will access the internet from a smartphone. With so many people accessing the internet from their smartphones, it only makes sense that videos would gain such a dominant share of the mobile advertising landscape. When people browse the internet on their phone, their attention spans are much shorter. Because mobile internet has gained such a large foothold, companies have found ways to deliver content to consumers as fast as possible in order to make sure they don’t just scroll over to the next bit of content that shows up in their news application or Facebook/Instagram feed. Companies who distribute content through video have found 88% of short videos (videos that come in at around the 30-second mark) are watched through to the end by mobile users. If a business can capture a person’s attention for 30 seconds in today’s fast-paced world, that’s quite a feat.

Videos Provide Tons of Information in a Short Amount of Time

If you’ve ever sat down to write a speech, you’re well aware of the fact that a lot more content goes into spoken word delivery than most people realize. Content that could take someone a minute and a half to read can be conveyed in 30-45 seconds without losing any of the information that needs to be included. Additionally, video is more engaging to the senses, meaning it can convey more information to people by showing and telling them something at the same time. If you have a new product you are trying to showcase, it’s better to show the product in action while describing than it is to simply write an article telling potential buyers exactly what the product does. Lastly, the emotional impact of video ads cannot be understated. Businesses are able to make a more solid personal connection to a consumer when they are telling a story through sight and sound.

We hope this blog has helped explain some of the advantages of video advertising and why it is in the best interest of business owners to use video advertising as a way to communicate their marketing messages to their audience. If you are a business owner who would like some help crafting effective, engaging, and informative video ads, please get in touch with us at Riverworks Marketing. We are a Chattanooga based digital marketing agency that specializes in crafting successful digital marketing strategies for our clients in order to maximize their advertising dollars and generate more sales. We can be reached via phone at 423.710.3866 or through the contact page of our website.